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BROMBYRINA Silkgin - With Silk Route Botanicals and Spices

Brombyrina is a domain and brand of the company Port of Silk, Adlerhorst 1, 22459 Hamburg, owned by Bernd Roloff. These terms and conditions apply regardless of whether you conclude a contract with us electronically via the webshop, orally, or in writing. Any contractual conditions on the part of the customer that are contradictory to ours will not form part of the contract. Where any conditions of the contract are in violation of applicable law and cannot therefore be enforced, in full or in part, will be replaced by a new condition that economically fulfils the intentions of the original as closely as possible.  The laws of Federal Republic of Germany apply, with the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. In the event of complaints in relation to goods purchased from us online, you may contact the platform of the EU Commission for Online Dispute Resolution.

Information about data processing

can be found on our Privacy Policypage.

Conclusion of contract and withdrawal

A contract is concluded with our company when an offer is made and accepted. The presentation of goods in our webshop does not represent an offer in a legal sense. A contract is only formed through a separate confirmation and/or delivery. The contract applies in its original German version.

By clicking on the “buy” / “order now” button, you are making a binding order for the goods in your shopping cart. Confirmation of receipt of your order takes place simultaneously with acceptance of the order immediately after an automated email has been sent.
A right of withdrawal does not exist where products are purchased in our physical shop.

Consumers who place an order via the online shop have the option to withdraw from the contract of sale. This withdrawal must be declared within 15 days of receipt of the goods. This withdrawal can be made in any form (telephone, email, letter, etc.). Due to legal requirements, and not because we consider our customers to be stupid, we are obligated to provide customers with a form for withdrawal from the contract of sale. This form is provided here:

Port of Silk
Adlerhorst 1
D – 22459 Hamburg
Fax: 0049 (0)40 5519229

I hereby withdrawal from the concluded contract of sale for the following goods:


Ordered on (*) ____________ / received on (*) ___________________________________

Customer name______________________________________________________________

Customer address __________________________________________________________________________

Customer signature (only if sending in paper form)




Agreement on the condition of delivered spirits and bottle dresses

The recipe for Brombyrina and the alcohol content of the spirit can vary. This does not represent a defect with the product. It is result of the batch production method used in a quality distillery. The following applies to delivered bottle dresses:

For silks of medium type and quality from Asia, the following quality characteristics cannot be altered and therefore form part of the contract: For fabrics with a silk content, lightfast dyeing is technically notpossible. Bleaching, brightening or discolouration from exposure to sunlight are always to be expected. The use of more ecologically sound dyes than in the past, there is a risk of discolouration to other fabrics and skin due to moisture or abrasion. Silk fabrics are not suitable for outdoor use. Irregularities in the material (knots, slight creases,etc.) may appear. Silk production in Asia is a decentralised industry, currently produced in village conditions with regards to infrastructure, tools and hygiene. The level of technology available in the countries of origin and its regions varies considerably.

Pure silk fabrics cannot be dyed sothat they are lightfast. Colours are at risk of fading due to the effects of light and sun. Silk fabrics are not suitable for tumble drying, nor for hand or machine washing. This includes use of the silk programme with fine alkali and phosphate free washing agents. Colours may run, particularly blues and reds, as the fine silk threads do not absorb the rough dye pigments well. Silks will often lose their characteristic shine and toughness when they come into contact with water. Please find a cleaning service that you trust and which has sufficient experience in cleaning silk fabrics. We recommend dry cleaning with alcohol-based KWL (care sign F).

Bottle dresses are decorative articles whose purpose is to ensure high-quality presentation of the Brombyrina gin. As such, they are not suitable for storing objects or any other use. Port of Silk assumes no liability where other use of the dress is made.


It may, on certain occasionsoccur that an item is no longer available despite appearing on our website and/or in our webshop. Customers placing orders for such items will be informed within ten working days that delivery will not be possible. We are not obligated in such cases to procure such items. Delivery of any other items within the order will be unaffected by the unavailability of such items. The minimum order quantity is one bottle.


Prices are always quoted includingVAT, shipping and packaging costs are chargedextra.


Unless otherwise agreed, delivery will be made within 10 days. Delivery may under certain circumstancestake longer than this. The customer will be informed if this delivery time cannot be met due to unexpected demand or delays on the part of our suppliers. In such cases the customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract of sale. Orders are sent either as registered Post or as an insured package with UPS. Please notethat these methods mean that delivery to a Packstation is not possible! A delivery will only be termed as delayedonce this has been indicated in writing to us by our customer.Claims on the part of the customer will only be possible in the case of negligencethrough our company. We mayonly be held liable for financial damages due to delayed delivery and/or failure to deliverresulting fromgross negligence and where risk of damage could be foreseen.

Self obligation clause

By ordering alcoholic drinks and products and throughaccepting our terms and conditions, the customer confirms that she/heis at least 18 years of age. The customer is not allowed to supply or provide the product to persons under the age of 18. The sale of alcoholic drinks is regulated by the Youth Protection Act (JuSchG) which, among other provision, forbids the sale of spirits and drinks containing spirits to persons under the age of 18 in restaurants, retail establishments or other public places.

Obligation to inspect the product

Complaints with regard to the delivered goods must be made by the customer as soon as possible (and no later than 14 days after receipt). Failure to observe this obligation in the case of apparent defects or incorrect delivery will result in the loss of rights. In the event that you wish to make a complaint, please contact us by telephone and return the goods as quickly as possible.

Prices/delivery costs

The product prices shown in the provider’s online shop include the currently applicable VAT. Prices for caterersand retailers will be agreed separately and must be treated as confidential.
Delivery within the Federal Republic of Germany will be charged at a fixed rate of 6.90 euros incl. VAT per shippedunit. Delivery to other EU states will be charged at a fixed rate of €18.95 incl. VAT per shippedunit. Delivery to non-EU countries only after prior separate agreement. In the case of withdrawal from the contract of sage (Article 5 T&Cs) you will be responsible for meeting the costs for the return of the goods if the delivered goods are the same as those ordered and the shipping costs do not exceed 40 euros, or if you have not alreadyreturned the goods or made a contractually agreed partial payment at the time of the withdrawal. In all other cases returning the goods is free of charge.

Payments and non-payment

  1. a) PayPal:

PayPal is an online payment service that allows you to make secure, simple and fast payments – completely free of charge.

Secure: Your bank and/or credit card data is stored only with PayPal and must not be re-entered every time you make a purchase via the Internet. Furthermore, PayPal’s buyer protection provides protection of up to 500.00 euros.

Simple: Payment is made with just two clicks. You simply use the bank or card data you have stored with PayPal instead of re-entering it every time.

Fast: PayPal payments go through quickly. The seller is able to dispatch the goods immediately and you generally receive them sooner.

Register with PayPal and start using it right away:

  • Create a PayPal account at de.
  • Link your bank account or credit card to your PayPal account.
  • You can then start making payments with PayPal.

Further information can be found at

  1. b) Advance payment / invoice:

Our invoices must be paid in advance of dispatch or, upon agreement with us, within two weeks by making a payment into our account. If payment is not made within this period, then a first notice with a charge of €7.50 will apply. If no payment is made by the deadline set in this notice, then an agreed delayed payment rate of 14% will be applied from the first day after the payment deadline. Further notices to pay will each incur a charge of €10. Furthermore, the costs of any legal action by a solicitor will also be passed on to you. Where the goods in question have a value of less than €5000, an hourly rate of €150 will apply, amounts above this will be subject to the legally specified charges.

Retention of ownership

The delivered goodsremain the property of Port of Silk until such time as the purchase price has been made in full.


Port of Silk will only be held legally liable where there is premeditation or gross negligence on our part. Where there is slight negligence on the part of Port of Silk, then liability for typically foreseeable damages will be limited to damages that can be reasonably foreseen. The preceding limitation of liability for contractual and extra-contractual claims does not affect liabilities arising from producer liability, other applicable legal regulations, or where liability relates to claims resulting from injury to life and limb or to health.

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